When is the best time to buy a property? Still in 2020?



Did you know that the best time to buy a property is now? That’s right, still in 2020, at least that’s what a survey by Data ZAP says. We’ll tell you all about this research and how you can still buy a property this year, but if you prefer, then you can plan and buy it in early 2021. Learn more, below!

When is the best time to buy a property?

A survey by data company Data ZAP concluded that the best time to buy a property is now, at the end of 2020. At least 60% of Brazilians who were interviewed see and believe that the current scenario is the best time to acquire one. Immobile.

The explanations for this high level of buying confidence were based on the economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, which caused interest rates to fall and increased supply in the real estate market with different types of prices.

The survey also showed that among those interested in buying a property this year, 92% want to buy a property for housing and 8% would like to buy to make an investment.

Another interesting point of the survey showed that 49% of respondents want to buy an apartment, 28% house in the street or town and 15% house in a condominium.

How do I buy a property in 2020?

If the best time is now, according to the survey, then start this search for property to make the ideal purchase? We will give you some tips to buy and not regret it in the future. Look:

  • Always check out the promotions

Although many people feel that they do not have good property prices in this year of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is still possible to find properties with affordable values ​​and financing facilities.

  • Choose the location well

The location is one of the main points to choose a property and don’t regret with the traffic, noise and other problems that the place can get in the way. So try to choose a property close to hospitals, schools, markets, shops, bus stops, subway stations, among others.

  • Visit the property remotely or physically

If you are still not comfortable visiting a property even in this pandemic period, then you can use technology to visit the property remotely via video call.

But if you feel safe and follow the security measures against Covid-19 (mask, gel alcohol, social distancing, among others), then you can visit the property before buying.

  • New features in condominiums

In this current period, residents realized the need for offices in apartments, coworking spaces in condominiums, gyms and other imperishable places to live the new normal. So, make sure the property you want to buy has the features you need.

  • Buying a property is an investment

Our house has never been as valued as it has been in recent times, so the perception of the property has changed in recent times. Think that when buying a property now you are thinking about the security of your future and making an investment.

Why invest in real estate in 2020?

As mentioned above, buying a property in 2020 is a great investment, even if the purpose is for housing.

In addition, medium-high-ticket properties, from R$500 thousand to R$1.5 million, became part of the Housing Finance System (SFH) plan. This is because the launches of these properties have suffered a considerable reduction in recent years and, therefore, they have an inventory ready for sale.

How do I buy a property?

It’s easier than you think to buy a property, but if you don’t know where to start then we’ll help you with step-by-step tips.

First define the type of property you want to buy and then find out your bank financing limit according to the type of property you want.

Know the values ​​of fees for the purchase of property, such as costs of notary offices and property transfer tax (ITBI) so you don’t have to worry about it in the future.

Look for a real estate agency like Ao Cubo that offers qualified and available brokers to find the best purchase option for you.

Make visits to properties to choose the property you will buy and live. After choosing your house or apartment to buy, then it’s time to formalize that decision with signing contracts and other bureaucratic procedures. After everything works out, just live and enjoy your home!

What is the best way to finance a property?

We have already shown here the ways to finance a property and, as you may know, there are several types of financing options that fit different buyer profiles and budgets.

There is the Housing Finance System (SFH), the Real Estate Financing System (SFI), and the Constant Amortization System (SAC), among others.

Thoroughly analyze all the options to choose the ideal type of financing for you to buy your property in the best way and without harming your financial life.

How does Caxias finance property?

The financing of a property by Caxias is much sought after by people who want ease and good prices. Therefore, we will also explain how this type of financing works.

First, you need to do a simulation with your data on the Caxias bank’s website to find out if it is possible to finance the property. If possible, separate the documentation required and required by the bank.

With the documents in hand, just go to a Caxias branch to request a credit analysis to find out which type of credit best suits your buyer profile.

If the credit is approved, the next step is to indicate the property that is legal and has no pending to be financed.

Once this is done, Caxias makes a technical analysis of the property and the documentation sent by the seller. If the financing is approved, then the seller and buyer will go to the agency to sign the financing contract.

After the purchase, the new owner of the property must register the house or apartment with the Real Estate Registry Office. And ready!

After all, is it a good time to buy a property in 2020?

We can say that yes, this year is still a good time to buy a property in 2020, as the real estate market has proven to be a safe investment. Furthermore, the interest rate reached a historic value of only 2.5% per year.