What are the benefits of buying a property on the plant?


Buying a property is, without a doubt, an investment. And, like any investment, it must be studied and done with accurate planning, so that the repercussion of your actions does not result in losses.

So, some people always think of alternatives to these investments. So far, its okay, leaving the traditional path may even be a good idea, but it requires twice as much care on the part of the property buyer.

So that you, dear reader, have no problems, we have selected some important points that can represent an advantage when investing in a property in the plant – which, by the way, is one of the most used alternatives when buying an apartment or home.

Want to know more? We will talk in this text about:

– Property valuation

– Long-term investment

– Customization of spaces

Property in the Plant – What is the definition and the elements behind it

First, to understand the advantages of a property in the plan, it is necessary to understand what a property in the plan is. Obvious, isn’t it? Well then, a property in the blueprint is, in fact, just a term popularly used by brokers and others to define the modality of purchase of properties acquired directly from the builder or developer.

The big thing is to pay attention to this definition. If you can buy something directly from the product maker, you don’t necessarily need to be tied to things that would be immutable after the process is complete.

Flexibility – one of the advantages of buying at the plant – is the essential argument for you to be able to fearlessly enter into an investment like this. Basically, the investment in a property on the plant is composed of 03 elements:

# Ground

# Developer

#Construction Company

About these three elements, the main thing you should pay attention to is the important and business-relevant information you should be looking for. If the land is in a valued location and the developer and builder has a good history of real estate, this could certainly be the differential of the entire business.

Planning – How a property in the plant can bring you flexibility and economy

Now let’s talk a little about the advantages of buying a property on the floor plan, starting with the basics. The first possibility is financial planning, that is, unlike buying a property that has already been used, it can be paid in installments on the plan and with a longer time between these installments.

Thus, the monthly income would not be compromised. Also, the property on the floor has greater flexibility with the negotiation of all aspects involving it. For example, it is possible to negotiate the configuration of the property – if the project allows it – the forms of payment, the amounts of the installments and even the value of the property.

This negotiation, thus, can save you a good percentage – since the values ​​tend to have a much larger discount margin – when the buyer offers more and more resources during the construction or at the property’s sign. If you are looking for more personalized advice for choosing a property, we have already commented here on Private Brokers.

In fact, it is the ideal investment for families who want to move, but don’t have the need to do so right away. Also, if placed in the medium or long term, it can be an alternative for moving the money that is saved.

Customization – The versatility of your choices with the technology you need

The versatility can fit in perfectly with saving time, money and energy when buying a property on the floor plan. The future resident, in your case, will not need to worry about maintenance, which gives you greater future savings viability.

The technology invested in real estate is high. One of the most recent is the use of insulating materials in the concreting of the floor, ceiling and walls, so that the noise from other apartments, for example, doesn’t bother you when it’s time for your well-deserved rest.

In the same way that you can order the latest model of your favorite brand from the car factory and put whatever you want in it, while the property is still under construction, this is also possible.

Therefore, the personification and technology of new properties can give you another perspective of value within your investment. Among them are:

# Property valuation after construction (Still don’t know when the real estate market is in Brazil?)

# Recent technologies that give you greater comfort and safety (For example, we’ve already talked about the green roof here.)

# Elements that make your apartment unique

# don’t worry about renovations and maintenance in the short and medium term

Greater Security and Less Bureaucracy – Being the first owner of the property has its advantages

Another advantage is the security of knowing that the property will be the way you want it and you will be the first owner. That’s right, you won’t have to worry about the bookkeeping and property transfer bureaucracy.

That’s because the paperwork and documentation required for registration when you are the first owner is much simpler in all aspects, criminal, civil, legal and accounting. It is noteworthy, therefore, that it is a “headache” less.