Vintage decor: nostalgia and elegance for your home!

How about trying out a new style of decor?

The vintage decoration offers an exquisite rescue of original furniture pieces, offering a lot of elegance to the environments. Thus, it is possible to decorate entire rooms with original pieces through nostalgia and a lot of charm.

Check out all the details about vintage decor below and check out some special tips for your home environments.

What is vintage decor?

The vintage decor is known for being very cozy and for ensuring a lot of originality for the environments.

The main characteristic that defines the vintage style is the use of pieces, objects and furniture from other times. That is, a chair that was produced in the 60s, or even the lamp you inherited from your grandmother.

The origins of this decorative style go back to the period of World War II (1939 – 1945), when many furniture and decorative pieces were made through manual work. Aluminum cans produced in another decade. Source: Unsplash

In addition, in that same period, clothes, decorative objects and furniture were produced in a classic style, whose prints, textures and colors were the highlight of each production?

And, although this period in particular says a lot about vintage decor, vintage pieces, furniture, clothing and objects do not necessarily need to be from that period, and can be from before or after this period, such as decorative items and the clothing from the 80s and 90s, which is currently a trend in many countries.

Vintage Decor Tips

One of the most interesting features of vintage decor is the freedom it provides. After all, combining different vintage elements to a room, it is possible to create countless proposals.

From a more classic decor to a more romantic look. With items from the 20s to the 1990s, for example, you can choose according to the color palette you like best or the layout of the furniture.

Furniture with toothpicks, wallpapers in classic colors on the walls, sofas with buttons and noble fabrics and a dose of creativity: the vintage decor offers many possibilities for those who want to add a touch of nostalgia to the comfort of their home.

Bet on colors

Colors are true allies when it comes to vintage decor. Taking advantage of the decorative elements and matching the colors of the rooms can give a very beautiful effect to the spaces.

From the lighter tones, such as pastel tones, for example: pink, yellow, blue and green in “baby” tones; even the strongest tones, such as: burgundy, brown, Marsala, teal and emerald green, for example.

It is also very important to take advantage of the prints, especially the floral, dotted and striped patterns. The prints are timeless and add a lot of versatility to the decoration of the environments.

Living room

If you intend to invest in vintage decor for your living room, know that lighting can contribute a lot to give a special touch to the environment. The chandelier offers lots of crystals and sophisticated lighting. Source: West wing

Classic chandeliers with bright yellow lights and the elegance of crystals are a great choice for vintage decor in your living room.

In addition, you can also use chairs with toothpicks, beautiful wallpaper with a dark background and arabesque prints to complete the sophistication of the room.


The bedroom is an environment that needs to be comfortable, after all, it is the place where you rest and recharge your energy. However, it is also a special place, where you can imprint your entire personality, expressing your tastes.

You can use vintage vases with beautiful flowers, such as roses or daisies, to decorate the room. This detail will certainly bring a lot of sophistication and delicacy to your room, in a subtle way. How about betting on a vintage bedside table? Source: Pinterest

In this case, vintage decor can appear through simple elements, such as a delicate antique bedside table, or even through small wall decorations, such as old paintings or posters.

Bed linen can also be an ally in this strategy. Enjoy the pastel tones and use sheets and pillowcases with light tones, pink, blue or yellow, for example.


And, of course, the greatest classic in vintage decor is a must: the colorful fridge in the kitchen.

In past decades, families’ homes received colorful appliances, with different technology and design.

In fact, a very different pattern from the models of refrigerators that exist today, which are usually super technological, but without flashy and cheerful colors, just white and stainless steel.

The fridge, the cupboard, the chairs, the decorative plates, the lamp and the flower vase offer a real trip back in time. Source: Pinterest

For this reason, in addition to contributing to the vintage decor you want for your kitchen, colorful refrigerators also add a touch of color to the room.

If your kitchen has more sober tones, a colorful fridge can therefore contribute a playful touch. But don’t worry, the item won’t clash with the rest of the decor, as long as you choose a similar color palette.

For example, when opting for a blue refrigerator, it is interesting to use more sober tones, but if you want a little more color, use complementary tones, such as orange, which is complementary to blue.

Mix of decorative styles

In addition to the warmth and elegance that it adds to the environments, the vintage decor is very versatile, a positive point for you to be able to combine it with various elements, and even with other decorative styles as well.

For example, you can use a romantic style to decorate your room, combining it with the sophistication of vintage decor. So, abuse floral prints, noble fabrics and pastel colors.

You can also take advantage of your living room’s contemporary decor and complement the room with some vintage items such as old paintings or an antique sideboard.

Vintage decor is a decorative style that stirs memories and, therefore, can provide a lot of warmth to environments. Besides being a decoration rich in details, which compose the environments very well, taking a lot of sophistication.