Realtor tells all about the brokerage business

Real estate broker André Coutinho started his career in the brokerage business in 1998, at the age of 21. In 1974, his father founded the real estate agency Sensual. André, along with his sister, started their journey as realtors like this, unpretentiously and hardly imagined that they were embarking on one of the best known professions in the world. In an interview with Blog Loopimóveis, the realtor told all about the area: pros and cons, funny stories with clients, talked about the job market, real estate and more. Follow the interview below.

Before everything

Before you take your CRECI, André informed you that it is necessary to take the TTI (Real Estate Transaction Technician) course. The TTI course qualifies future brokerage professionals to meet the demands of the job market very efficiently. Classes are held at a distance, ensuring flexibility for students and allowing the choice of times and places of study. The tests, however, are in person and need to be scheduled by the student, according to the assessment calendar. The results of the evaluations come out on time, they have the possibility to retake the tests on the same day and best of all: no failure rate!

The work market

According to André, the job market for realtors is very competitive. But good customer service and a good working posture can make all the difference when closing good deals. “It’s very competitive, at the moment there are many offers on the market, which leaves the customer undecided too, but with good service and a good portfolio of real estate , there is always a place in the market for those who want to enter”, he said.

Pros and cons of the area

As with any area of ​​work in the country, real estate brokerage suffers from the uncertainties of Brazilian politics. With fluctuations in the market, construction companies and the number of real estate offers in cities affect the entire real estate market as a whole. Crisis”, he informed.

Knowledge you must have in the brokerage business

First of all, it is necessary to understand the market and the city that the realtor chooses to work. Another very important point is to thoroughly analyze the properties you are selling, so that there are no negative surprises in relation to documentation, the state of conservation of the property, etc. “Some [realtors] usually have serious documentation problems or obstacles with the local city hall,” he said.

Tip for novice brokers

Knowing how to listen to the customer is the first big step in this area. Because only then will you be able to help him and he will be able to refer you to more and more people. “It is very important to understand what the client is looking for, so as not to offer the wrong options.” André also said that studying the real estate market a lot is very important for his daily work. Reading a lot, getting informed and trying to be updated on market events is very important. “Nowadays, clients come very prepared to talk to us, as information on the real estate market is distributed everywhere. So it is increasingly necessary to invest in good quality service, so that the customer feels comfortable in the choice they make”.

Self-employed X Company

Working both self-employed and for companies has its pros and cons. On the one hand, working on your own, you will be responsible for all processes. Meanwhile, working for a real estate agency, your work is restricted to just a part of all these purchasing processes and steps. Sale, pass necessary documentation, etc. “When you start to grow in the market, it is almost impossible to work as a self-employed person, in terms of leasing. If the broker works only with sales, he often manages to be self-employed, since he does not require monthly monitoring, for example”, he informed.

Market technologies

As the market changes day by day, it’s obvious that technology would help people. Websites and applications already make life easier for many people who work in brokerage. “With the entry of applications that help to better locate offers, as well as search sites that filter the search for the client, as they contain several photos and information about properties, making it easier to choose them and eliminating unnecessary visits. Real estate signs continue to be a great way to advertise as well.” Fear of technology taking the place of realtors is not something André worries about. For him, technology came to help the way work and not steal the job. “Many properties can be rented online, especially residential ones. We are also adapting frequently, currently, our customers submit registration online and digitally sign contracts. But commercials will always need more assistance from a broker as they depend on various bureaucracies, such as permits, for example.”

Easy properties and difficult to sell properties

The realtor tells us that the most difficult properties to sell are farms, because they always have the joy of buying and the other joy is the sale. Now, the easiest, in general, are the properties with lower values. They tend to attract more customers and have more demand overall.

Comical moments you experienced

A very common moment during a sale process is when a property remains for a long time without anyone interested and when a person appears wanting to close a deal, another customer appears in the same week also interested. “Something very common and curious is for a property to stay a long time to sell or rent and when a very interested customer appears, another one comes in the same week and that situation is difficult to reconcile, as one will end up without the property”.