Realtor or Real Estate Consultant: What’s the Difference?

Realtor or real estate consultant

It is very common to hear the terms realtor and real estate consultant when researching or talking about buying, selling, or renting property.

Despite being used synonymously, we are often talking about two different professionals. Both are extremely important in real estate negotiation and can be of great help to anyone who is thinking of buying or selling a property.

But what does each one do and what is the difference between the professions? In this post, we will answer your questions regarding these issues. Good reading!

Understand the role of the realtor

Real estate agent is the professional responsible for performing all procedures related to the real estate transaction. A realtor’s job includes prospecting for properties and potential buyers.

In addition, they carry out the analysis to find out if the property is compatible with what the client wants and even the supplier to assess the value of a property, based on the analysis of the architecture, location and strengths of the space.

We can say that he works strongly in the relationship segment, he plays the role of intermediary in negotiations between the owner of the property and the person interested in buying it. In addition, it also ensures that the deal will be good for everyone.

Another important function of the realtor is to ensure that all property documentation, such as certificates, deeds and contracts, and the client is delivered correctly.

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What does a real estate consultant do?

If you want to understand what a real estate consultant does , it is important to know that he is the professional who does an in-depth analysis of the economy, financing types and conditions, and the real estate market globally.

This study enables him to produce estimates of the best conditions and opportunities in the real estate market.

It has a more comprehensive and external view of when to carry out a transaction, based on the scenario presented.

Know the differences between a real estate consultant and a realtor

Something the two have in common is the opportunity to know how to sell real estate , but while the realtor is more connected to the practical part of real estate negotiations, the consultant is the theoretical professional, who researches when and how these negotiations should be carried out.

To exercise the function of real estate broker, it is necessary to be registered with the Creci (Regional Council of Realtors) of the State in which the professional works. As for the role of real estate consultant, the most common training is in the area of ​​Business Administration.

The payment of these professionals is also different. The realtor receives commissions on completed deals, real estate sales or leases , and goals achieved.

To find out how much a real estate consultant earns, it is important to understand that the consultant earns regardless of the result, whether by hour, day or month. Still, these values ​​can be very fluctuating, depending on the research required by the contractor.

Know when to look for a real estate agent or consultant

Now that we know the differences between these two professions, you may be wondering when and which of these professionals you should go to to get your needs met.

The realtor can help you, with the paperwork, documentation, property visits, architectural assessment and property condition check, to decide which property option is best for you .

He can also help you to mediate between the parties involved in buying or selling the property.

And the real estate consultant, what does he do? It can be said that this is a professional that can be sought before the effective negotiation of a property, that is, before the broker works.

Because what a real estate business consultant does is to advise you on when and what are the best conditions to sell or buy the property, in addition to being able to produce medium and long-term estimates on the real estate market.

In addition, this professional can tell you whether or not it is the best time to buy or sell a property and can also advise on real estate financing.

If you still want to better understand what a real estate consultant does, think that he is the professional who will have an overview of the real estate universe, because he needs to develop research that qualifies him to provide business strategies for the best scenario, it can even give tips for realtor .

Although consulting in the sector is a reasonably new profession, precisely because of its theoretical knowledge and deeper analysis of the segment, the real estate consultant has been much sought after by real estate companies, realtors and investors, to assess the real estate universe in a more technical way.