Property Sale – Follow the step by step to sell your property

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Property Sale – Follow the step by step to sell your property

Selling property has become a practical and relatively quick process in modern times. However, it is important to be careful with the details surrounding this type of transaction.

It is a process that, despite being smooth, requires dedication and patience. Time availability is another important factor. After all, something fundamental in the sale of properties is visits for the setting of the buyer.

Want to know what else is important to sell your property? Follow our quick walkthrough of everything you need to check out!

Documentation – Prepare all paperwork before going to a real estate agency

The first step in selling your property is, without a doubt, to check all the paperwork. The snags involving this type of issue can yield you, in addition to a headache, an unnecessary waste of time.

Among the main documents to be validated by the property owner are:

# RG and CPF of the seller and his spouse (if married)
# Marriage certificate (if married)
# Birth certificate (if single)
# Certificate of achievement issued by the Federal Court and the Labor Court
# Negative certificate of the interdiction and guardianship
certificate # Civil Distributor Certificate – Forum

This documentation is to ensure that the person who is selling does not have legal problems or embargoes. From the property, it is possible to list:

# Property or Registration Certificate
# Real Estate Transfer Tax (ITBI)
# Municipal Debt Clearance
# Declaration of condominium discharge (in the case of apartments)

Once this is done, it is now possible to choose a reliable real estate agency and place the property on the market for new negotiations.

Real Estate – Why it is important to have the help of a qualified professional

Searching for a real estate agent can make your property entering the real estate market easier and more practical. Although direct sales are less bureaucratic, with the real estate agency, it will be possible to have professional assistance.

The risks to the property owner are reduced, and the chance of forgetting something important is less. Also, several brokers within the real estate will already have in their portfolio of contacts, who may be interested in your property.

Leaving the property in the hands of someone you trust can make it much easier to visit the property. This type of specialist can, in addition to setting the shoppers around, explain the positive aspects of the neighborhood and the region.

Another point is online advertising. Fundamental to a good sale, it is the buyer’s meeting point and first contact with your property. Good photos, excellent lighting and preparation for the presentation of the property are essential for the sale.

Property Preparation – How to win over buyers at a first glance

It was talked about from trustworthy people a little while ago. Your property, in this case, must also pass on confidence to its buyer. Cleaning it, for example, is a good starting point when it comes to preparing the property.

The organization, care and care for the environment will make the property more attractive. In visits, it will bring another perspective to people who are checking the property. In the ad images, it will bring another potential to buyers’ expectations.

So, always do extra cleaning, don’t let anything stay out of place for too long. Prepare the rooms so that they are clean and well lit. Small details can have a very large psychological effect.

Broken tiles, unprotected outlets, crooked light fixtures and light fixtures, and broken furniture can give an impression of neglect. In addition to putting the idea of ​​the property needing a renovation. This is the word that causes the most shivers to those who are going to buy it, along with the expenses it brings. So, take care of these details and sell your property much faster.

Calculate and disseminate – Choose the right channels and stay within real estate market standards

Once the preparations are finished, it’s time to put your property on the air! The first thing is to define with the real estate agency, or by yourself, which are the best channels for this sale. Check quality sites and build a killer ad.

The best channels are the portals of the real estate companies, private brokers or even the main free sale websites. A real estate loop (loop website), for example, is one of the best at putting your property on the air.

Also, be aware of the price of your property. Valuing too much and asking for prices above the real value tends to “backfire”. The number must be well fixed and must remain faithful to the real value of the property.

If it is too high, it will drive away potential buyers who will not even look at your property. That’s right with all the previous preparation. If the ad has a low value, it can be synonymous with extra expenses that come with the property. So stay true to the price.

That kind of honesty is appreciated by many buyers and, in the end, it will be to everyone’s advantage. Some tips for calculating the price of your property are:

# Search for similar properties and in the same region
# Assess the value of the square meter with a professional
# Compare the size of your property with that of another in the same region
# Analyze the conservation of the property and leisure areas and extra features
# Account for renovations made recently and the number of bedrooms