Myths and truths about buying real estate

Are you thinking of purchasing a property to call your own, however, you still have many questions about buying property? 

So know that you are not the only one. Like you, thousands of people also find themselves in this dilemma because they are not sure if this is a good investment or the best way to get their dream home.

In this post, you’ll have the chance to clarify everything about the subject and resolve once and for all the doubts that still prevent you from realizing your dream of home ownership.

That’s right! So, keep reading this post and check out some of the myths and truths we’ve gathered about buying real estate.

The purchase of finished properties is always better than on-plan properties – MYTH 

This is one of the most common myths about the subject. The advantage of ready-made properties is that they are already available for those who have a certain urgency, but on the other hand, they are more expensive.

The properties in the plant, in turn, are more suitable for those who have medium and long-term plans. After all, the person will have to wait a few years to have the keys in their hands.

This type of alternative tends to value 30% more than others. And the most interesting thing is that you can finance the entire amount, including the down payment!

In the case of finished properties, at least part of the money will have to be given when signing the contract.

Real estate with sustainable solutions can be purchased at a good cost-benefit ratio – TRUTH

Until a few years ago, thinking about sustainable real estate was synonymous with spending a lot of money. However, now the reality is different, it is already possible to find options with good value for money.

Purchasing sustainable properties has to be thought of as an investment. This is because, in the medium and long term, the economy generated is gigantic. For example, solar panels can generate up to 95% reduction in electricity costs.

Rainwater reuse systems or even energy solutions can also benefit your pocket and a lot in the future.

Therefore, it is worth putting it at the tip of your pencil and comparing the savings you will have for the rest of the time you are in the property, compared to the investment made for its acquisition.

All purchase contacts are practically the same – MYTH

Real estate contracts can vary depending on the type of property you are purchasing. That’s because they are prepared according to negotiations.

However, there are some elements that are mandatory in this type of document. And you need to know what this information is so that you don’t end up in trouble and even scams.

Finding the dream property is hard work – TRUTH

Finding the ideal property is laborious, but not impossible. The great complexity lies in two factors: the state of the property and the documentation.

If the property does not have all the documentation up to date, including payment of taxes, the purchase becomes more difficult. Especially if you want to fund it.

And the state can also be an issue. In addition to the possibility of you having headaches in the future due to hidden problems, many financial institutions do not release loans depending on the state of the property.

In general, on-plan properties and launches are often easier to buy and finance. This is because upon delivery, the property is newly built, so the structure will not be a problem.

And documentation in these cases usually doesn’t pose a problem. Mainly in relation to the properties in the plant, since it is already complete.

On-plan real estate is the most reliable option – MITO

Not necessarily. Just like the purchase of an already-built property, on-plan properties also pose risks.

That’s because, if you don’t thoroughly research the construction company’s history, you run the risk of ending up with a poorly built property or even not having it delivered.

Many people have been victims of companies that sold apartments and condominium houses and never delivered the properties. Another common problem is delays in property delivery.

To avoid this type of situation, it is essential to check the construction company’s history and make sure it is really trustworthy. And in this matter a realtor can be of great help.

This is because this professional knows more deeply who are the reliable companies in the market, and also knows what kind of issue to evaluate before making a decision regarding the purchase of real estate.

It is only possible to apply for credit when you already have a property in view – MYTH

Many people think that in order to purchase property in a financed way, it is necessary to already have an asset in view. However, this is a myth.

In fact, you can already file a credit application with the financial institution without any problem, even if you don’t have anything in sight. If everything is fine she will release a letter of credit.

This document is valid for three months, which is a good time to locate a property within the amount released, and thus, finalize the financing.

Real estate near transmission towers tend to be dangerous and less valued – TRUTH

Yes, depending on the distance from the residence to the tower, it can be dangerous. This is because the electromagnetic waves emitted by it are harmful to health. Not to mention the risk of falling if the equipment is not properly installed.

However, if the structure complies with the minimum distances determined by the responsible engineering team, there will be no such concern, since these professionals carry out a feasibility and safety study to insert the tower in a safe place.


Purchasing a property is a very big and important step in the lives of many people. Therefore, before making this type of decision, it is important that you seek as much knowledge as possible on the subject.

Only then will you have more security and peace of mind, avoiding the emergence of headaches in the future and ensuring that your dream comes true.