Living in a house or apartment? Know the advantages and disadvantages

Choosing to live in a house or apartment is a very common question among people who want to buy a property. After all, the options in the real estate market are diverse and have different characteristics that appeal to all types of residents’ profiles.

So, to help you choose between house and apartment, we’ve selected the pros and cons of each option. Check it out below!

After all, living in a house or apartment?

Have you ever thought about living in a house or apartment? Which option seems to suit you when thinking about the possibility of being able to rent or buy a property?

Many people do not analyze the specific features of each option and regret it after buying.

For you to choose the ideal property for you and your family, we will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of the two options below!

Advantages of living at home

Let’s start by explaining the advantages of living at home. If you thought about this option, then see the advantages that this type of property has.

1. Freedom of choice

When choosing to live at home, you can ask your realtor what you don’t want to visit, such as houses in vertical condominiums that need to follow local rules.

Even though it is a rule for residents to live in harmony, many people do not feel well adapted to this type of housing.

2.More space 

Undoubtedly, many houses offer more space compared to some apartments.

Generally, houses have outdoor areas that can be used for socializing with guests , for example.

3. Adjustments and repairs more easily

Living at home allows you to make more necessary and optional adjustments and repairs to residents, especially if you buy the property.

As the owner of your home, you can do whatever you like with it, from construction to decoration.

4. No condo fee

One of the great advantages of living at home is the condominium fee exemption, unlike apartment dwellers who need to pay the condominium monthly.

Therefore, this expense is less of a concern for those who want to live in a house rather than an apartment.

Disadvantages of living at home

Unfortunately, living at home is not just about advantages. So let’s count the disadvantages of choosing this type of property below!

1. Less security

Unlike apartments that have a doorman, security cameras and other measures that protect residents, houses do not have this type of protection.

The lack of security measures and the absence of residents in the house can make the property prone to robbery and theft, for example.

2. Does not have prorated expenses

In fact, living at home does not have prorated expenses like condominiums. Therefore, be aware that you will be responsible for the maintenance of the house yourself.

However, try to make a monthly plan so these accounts do not affect your financial health.

3. Major renovations or constructions

Some houses are sold unfinished, such as the roof of the garage or the back of the house.

Therefore, it will be necessary to cover the garage and areas without a roof. Review this point before deciding or choose a home with this finish.

parcel delivery

Those who live at home may not receive the order on the day of delivery if there is no one on site.

Unlike those who live in an apartment and can receive through the doormen who work at the concierge.

Advantages of living in an apartment

Now you will discover the advantages of apartment living before you make your choice. Check out!

1. More security

Definitely, living in an apartment is the great security that residents have when choosing this option.

Apartments usually have security mainly on who enters and leaves the building. In addition to being able to leave for as long as you want and leave the property without major worries.

2. Practicality in cleaning

Cleaning an apartment is more practical, as you only need to clean the interior areas of your apartment.

Therefore, common outdoor areas are taken care of by service providers.

3. ore accessibility

Generally, the buildings are located in areas with more accessibility , close to public transport, shops, among other facilities for residents.

Therefore, living in an apartment building can reduce expenses with long commutes — bringing savings with these expenses.

4.Leisure options

Many apartments have several leisure options for adults and children.

Playground, swimming pool, gym, sports court and other entertainment alternatives within the building’s condominium.

Disadvantages of apartment living

Finally, we come to the disadvantages of apartment living . After reading the cons, then you can choose whether you want to live in a house or an apartment. Look!

1. Smaller private space

Although there are common recreational areas in the apartment condominiums, the private areas are smaller.

Therefore, those who have children and live in an apartment with a small balcony will feel the need for more private spaces.

2. More rules

Undoubtedly, every condominium has its rules so that residents can live without problems.

If, on the one hand, it organizes and facilitates socializing, on the other hand, some residents may not respect the rules and end up interfering with harmony.

3. Possible restriction of pets in the condominium

Unfortunately, some condos do not accept residents with pets.

Thus, if you have a pet, then check this detail when buying or renting an apartment .

4. Mandatory monthly expenses

Every condominium has mandatory monthly expenses that must be paid for the resident not to default.

In addition to the condominium fee, they may have expenses such as maintenance of outdoor areas, among other condominium services.

Anyway, these were the main cons and pros of living in a house or apartment. However, we want to remember that each resident has the free option to choose the type of property that feels good.