American Cuisine: +90 Models to Inspire and Decorate You


Like other areas of the house or apartment, the kitchen needs to be a cozy and functional environment, after all, this is one of the most important rooms in the residence. And if you manage to associate these two characteristics with a beautiful and pleasant decoration, the result is even better.

And as many people want to decorate their American kitchen in order to create this practical and aesthetically interesting environment, we decided to share this article full of tips to help you build your dream kitchen.

How to build an American kitchen?

First, to build an American kitchen, it is essential to know what budget you have to carry out this project, since from this data you can define what style of decoration and which decorative elements you can use. Having a luxurious kitchen, for example, requires a much larger investment than a simple kitchen.

In addition, it is also important to make budgets with different planned kitchen companies, to have a range of options and choose the manufacturer that offers you the best cost-benefit ratio for your cabinets. But if you are looking for a cheaper option, you can also use a modular kitchen and invest in decorative objects.

It is also important to remember to choose cabinets, appliances and utensils that are in accordance with the available space and that meet your needs in terms of organization and functionality.

Finally, it is essential to choose the decoration you want in this environment. And to help you with this task, we’ve selected several inspiring ideas and images, shown in the topics below. Check out!

Image 1: Your American kitchen can also be modern, as in the image below.

Modern decor with orange fridge.

American kitchen bench

The kitchen countertop is used both as a functional element, separating two rooms and serving as support, and as a decorative element. That’s why you don’t only need to use the traditional granite countertop in your home. You can use different elements and furniture to replace this classic countertop and escape the obvious in your decor.

With that in mind, we selected several images with different types of countertops to help you customize this part of your kitchen. Check out the images below!

Image 2: This American kitchen has a white and wooden countertop, which blends in with the rest of the room.

Decor with white wooden bench.

Image 3: But you can also use a simple and rustic wooden countertop.

Modern decor with yellow drumstick and blue fridge.

Image 4: In addition, you can install a wooden table as an extension of your marble countertop.

Decor with white bench and wooden table.

Image 5: You can still use a piece of furniture with a wooden bench in place of the traditional counter.

Decorated with white cabinets and black refrigerator.

Image 6: This yellow bench, which is an extension of the room’s rack, makes the environment more modern.

Modern decor with stainless steel refrigerator and yellow countertop.

Image 7: But you can also use a glass bench in your project.

Modern decor with glass countertop.

Image 8: In this American kitchen they used the traditional granite countertop.

Decor with marble countertop and white stool.

Image 9: However, if you want a project that combines the modern with the rustic, you can use a wooden furniture instead of a traditional countertop.

Rustic decor with black fridge, wooden countertops and minibar.

Image 10: Another example of how the environment can be beautiful and modern with a granite countertop.

Simple decor with black marble countertop.

Image 11: This kitchen has a wooden table that works as a countertop.

Modern decor with burnt cement wall and blue countertop.

Image 12: But you can also use a wooden board on your workbench, as shown in the image below.

Simple decor with gray wooden bench.

Image 13: In this project, the residents chose to use the upper part of the white cabinet as support.

Decor with simple cabinets and stainless steel refrigerator.

Image 14: On the other hand, in this project, in addition to the glass countertop, an island with a cooktop was installed.

Decor with gray cabinets and glass countertops.

Image 15: But you can also install an extensive countertop, used as a shelf in your living room.

Decorated with rustic cabinets and white wooden countertops.

American kitchen stools

Stools are decorative elements widely used in the American kitchen, since many people also use the countertop as a table to carry out their meals. Therefore, it is important to choose comfortable stools that match the rest of the room’s decoration.

With that in mind, we selected different models of stool to help you realize how the presence of this object makes a difference in your decor.

Image 16: In this American kitchen, the red and upholstered stools match the cabinets used in the environment.

Decor with wooden bench and upholstered stool.

Image 17: In this apartment, the owners exchanged the stools for modern chairs, which are also viable and stylish options for your kitchen.

Decor with wooden bench and modern stool.

Image 18: But if you prefer a more elegant and luxurious decoration, you can use golden chrome barstools.

Luxurious decor with a modern pendant pendant and rose gold steel barstools.

Image 19: These high steel stools are also widely used in decoration.

Decorated with blue cabinet and red stools.

Image 20: However, you can also choose swivel stools, like the image below, to make your kitchen more modern.

Simple decor with yellow cabinet and white stools.

Living room with open kitchen

As it is an open environment, when decorating your American kitchen, it is important to remember to harmonize the decor used in this environment with that existing in your living room. Otherwise, you can create an unpleasant visual effect, created by joining two completely different environments.

So, think about what kind of decoration or environment you want to observe when analyzing this set. To help you understand this concept, we’ve selected several images of an American kitchen with a living room to inspire you. Check out the photos below!

Picture 21: The modern American kitchen contrasts with the simple and elegant living room.

Living room with American kitchen and elegant decor.

Image 22: In this case, the simple American kitchen complements the room with tumbler decor.

American kitchen with living room and modern decor.

Image 23: In this apartment, the living room and kitchen are modernly decorated.

American kitchen with modern living room.

Image 24: This modern American kitchen complements the laid-back look of the living room.

American kitchen with modern living room and stone brick wall.

Image 25: But you can also use the contrast between the clean kitchen and the modern living room with a burnt cement wall.

Decor with white wooden bench and burnt cement wall.

Image 26: In this apartment, the room is modern, colorful and full of information. Therefore, the American kitchen has a simpler decoration.

Decorated with colorful living room and simple cabinets.

Image 27: On the other hand, in this American kitchen, the orange cabinet draws attention and matches the rustic look of the rest of the room.

American kitchen with living room and modern decor.

Image 28: But you can also use a simple decoration in the living room and kitchen.

Simple decor with wooden bench and black stool.

Image 29: A modern American kitchen can complement your living room’s more discreet look.

American kitchen with living room and black cabinets.

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Image 30: Another example of an apartment with simple and elegant decoration.

American kitchen with living room and simple and elegant decor.

American kitchen lighting

In addition to being an important functional element, lighting also contributes to the decoration of the environment. Therefore, when setting up your kitchen, remember to select interesting lighting fixtures that highlight some points in the room, such as the countertop or cabinets.

On countertops, hanging pendants or chandeliers are widely used. In cabinets and shelves, LED strips or light spots are used to highlight these regions. In addition, you can even work with plasterboard and create a special decoration on the ceiling of this room. But there is no rule. The important thing is to be creative and use the luminaires that match your project.

Image 31: The suspended pendants, installed on the bench, make the environment even more modern.

Decor with yellow cabinet and white countertop illuminated by modern pendants.

Image 32: But you can also create a lighting and ceiling project especially for your kitchen.

Decor with wooden bench and lining decorated with LED spots.

Image 33: Using suspended diamond pendants makes the environment more charming and modern.

Decor with simple cabinets and modern hanging pendants.

Image 34: In this environment the pendants are also diamond-shaped, however, they are black and contribute to the sophisticated look of the environment.

Luxurious decor with mirror, wooden countertop and modern pendants.

Image 35: Pendant pendants with modern design are also excellent choices for your decor.

Decor with LED tape cabinet and wooden bench with modern pendants.

Image 36: But you can also use the light rail and plaster molding in your kitchen.

Decor with minimalist cabinets, marble countertops and light rail.

Image 37: Another example of how a distinctive chandelier can contribute to the modern decor of the American kitchen.

Modern American kitchen with blue tile and modern chandelier.

Image 38: However, you don’t need to restrict yourself to suspended slopes only. Therefore, in this kitchen, a LED strip on the countertop and light spots were used to illuminate the wine rack.

Simple decoration with a granite countertop with LED strip and hanging pendants.

Image 39: Another example of how a modern lighting project can make your apartment look stylish and tumbler.

Modern decor with gray cabinet, white brick tiles and modern lighting.

Image 40: But you can also use the pendants and the light rail in the same environment.

Simple decor with a wooden bench and hanging pendants.

American kitchen decor

Just like the planned bedroom, the American kitchen can also be decorated in different styles. And defining the theme or decor style will help you define various elements of your project. Therefore, in the next topics we will show you the main types of decoration for your kitchen.

Simple kitchen

The simple American kitchen, with light cabinets and in neutral tones, is very popular among those who dream of a planned environment, especially since, in general, they don’t need a high budget to be implemented. But it’s important to remember that simple doesn’t mean boring. Using the right decorative elements, you can transform this environment, as shown in the images below.

Image 41: You can use colored tiles to contrast with the simple cabinets of your kitchen.

Simple American kitchen with red tile.

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Image 42: But you can still use a wall with chalkboard paint to compose this simple environment and touch of modernity.

Decor with simple cabinets and blackboard wall.

Image 43: Using colorful decorative objects and geometric print tiles are great ways to decorate your simple kitchen.

Simple American kitchen with wooden countertop with geometric print tiles.

Image 44: An American kitchen with white cabinets and wood finish is timeless.

Simple American kitchen with cabinets in neutral tones.

Image 45: You can also use mirrored cabinets in your simple kitchen.

American kitchen with white cabinets and wooden countertop.

Image 46: But you can also use wooden cabinets in your decor.

Simple American kitchen with wooden cabinets.

Image 47: A simple American kitchen can be a good option for a small space.

Simple open plan kitchen with cooktop and glass countertop.

Image 48: White cabinets and black granite countertops form a classic combination for kitchens.

Simple open plan kitchen with mirrored cabinet and marble countertops.

Image 49: But a kitchen with white cabinets and a wood finish is also a simple and timeless option.

Simple American kitchen with white cabinets.

Image 50: Another example of a kitchen with a simple and classic decoration.

Simple American kitchen with cooktop.

Modern kitchen

The modern decor style is used in various rooms in the house, including the kitchen. If you want to adopt it, you can abuse the cabinets and other colorful elements, the different coatings, such as the burnt cement wall, and the luminaires with a differentiated design.

In this style, the black kitchen is quite successful, as well as the decoration with an industrial touch. To check out some of the decoration possibilities, check out the images below.

Image 51: This modern American kitchen uses blue cabinets and countertops, as well as a burnt cement wall.

Modern American kitchen with blue decor.

Image 52: How about a modern black kitchen?

Modern black American kitchen.

Image 53: The orange cabinets create this cheerful and youthful atmosphere.

Modern American kitchen with orange cabinet.

Image 54: Using colorful details makes a difference in your decor.

Modern American kitchen with yellow decor.

Image 55: Another example of a modern black American kitchen.

Modern American kitchen with gray cabinet.

Image 56: In this black kitchen, the brick tiles also draw attention.

Black modern planned kitchen.

Image 57: The orange wooden countertop makes the difference in this simple American kitchen.

Modern American kitchen with orange wooden countertop.

Image 58: The white countertop with a distinctive design, the suspended pendants and the mirrored coating above the sink countertop are some of the factors that make this environment modern.

Modern American kitchen with white cabinets and futuristic countertops.

Image 59: Wood contributes to creating a rustic and modern look.

Modern and rustic American cuisine.

Image 60: This American kitchen mixes black and white elements. In addition, the cement bench and frame are also innovative elements in the environment.

Modern American kitchen with concrete countertops and black refrigerator.

Luxury kitchen

A luxurious environment usually uses quality materials combined with modern elements such as glass, leather, wood and steel. However, there are several materials that can be used to compose your luxurious decor. That’s why it’s important to do a lot of research and use your creativity to create your dream kitchen!

Image 61: Mirrored cabinets and a flashy modern chandelier contribute to this modern and cozy atmosphere.

Luxury American kitchen with chandelier.

Image 62: An American kitchen with dark, mirrored cabinets can also be luxurious.

Luxurious American kitchen with mirrored cabinets.

Image 63: Another example of a luxurious environment with mirrored cabinets. In addition, this image shows that a light-colored environment can also be elegant.

Luxurious American kitchen with modern light fixture and mirrored cabinet.

Image 64: Using gold tablets as a coating makes the environment look modern and luxurious.

Luxurious decoration with golden insert.

Image 65: Another example of a luxury American kitchen made up of light colors and quality elements.

Luxurious planned kitchen with neutral-toned cabinets and mirrors.

Image 66: Using natural light, a geometric print wallpaper and a rustic table also create a cozy and luxurious atmosphere.

Luxurious open-plan kitchen with hanging pendants, cooktop and rustic wooden countertop.

Image 67: This large American kitchen has cabinets with a minimalist design and lots of gold elements.

Luxury American kitchen.

Image 68: In contrast, this room is decorated with various wooden elements and gray cabinets.

Luxurious, modern decor with stainless steel refrigerator and stovetop.

Image 69: In this American kitchen, the contrast between the granite countertop, the dark wall and the sand-colored cabinets create a modern and luxurious look.

Luxurious and stylish American kitchen with marble countertops and cooktop.

Image 70: Another environment that uses mirrored and dark cabinets that contrast with marble countertops.

Luxurious American kitchen with black cabinets, modern pendant pendants and cooktop.

+20 American kitchen models

We have selected several models of American kitchen, with different styles of decoration, to inspire you to create your ideal project. Check out the images below!

Image 71: A completely white kitchen can make your apartment more beautiful.

Simple planned kitchen with white cabinet.

Image 72: Using blue cabinets can be a good option to get away from simple decoration.

Modern planned kitchen with blue cabinets.

Image 73: In the small apartment, an open-plan kitchen in light tones can help to give the feeling of a larger space.

Simple decoration with white cabinet for a small space integrated into the room.

Image 74: Using light green cabinets can also be a good option to escape the white environment.

Simple decor with green cabinets and wooden countertops.

Image 75: But remember that a kitchen made up of white decor and wooden elements can also be elegant and sophisticated.

Elegant American kitchen with wooden countertops.

Image 76: Investing in colorful elements, such as tiles and cabinets, make your kitchen more cheerful.

Modern decor with black fridge and colorful tile.

Image 77: This open-plan kitchen with mirrored cabinetry matches the modern decor of the living room.

American kitchen with modern living room with mirrored cabinet and marble countertops.

Image 78: This American kitchen made up of white and wood cabinets creates a beach and cozy look.

Decorated with white cabinets and wooden countertops.

Image 79: Another example of a simple and cozy kitchen to inspire you.

Simple decor with white cabinet, granite countertops and black stools.

Image 80: The colorful tiles and modern pendants make this simple environment more cheerful and modern.

Simple decor with decorated tile.

Image 81: Simple cabinets are the best options for environments with many elements of industrial style.

Simple decor with an industrial feel and yellow cabinets.

Image 82: In this environment, the owner decided to use Portuguese tiles along with the wooden cabinets.

Simple decoration with Portuguese tiles and blackboard wall.

Image 83: An environment with simple cabinets and several modern elements, such as a wooden shelf and LED spots.

Simple American kitchen with wood finish.

Image 84: This American kitchen was also more modern with this wooden structure with a countertop and LED spots.

Simple American kitchen with wooden countertops.

Image 85: But you can also create a modern gray American kitchen.

Minimalist decor with gray cabinet and burnt cement wall.

Image 86: However, a simple environment, with white and wood cabinets, is also very cozy.

Rustic American cuisine.

Image 87: Another example of a modern black kitchen. However, in this case the yellow elements also attract attention.

Modern American kitchen with black cabinets and yellow decor.

Image 88: But you can create an entire environment decorated in neutral tones.

Simple decor with white cabinets and wood finish.

Image 89: The American kitchen is more beautiful with the yellow door and the chrome barstools.

Modern American kitchen with yellow decor and white cabinet.

Image 90: Even with a larger space, this American kitchen uses an all-white decor and few decorative objects.

Simple decor with white cabinet and marble countertop.

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