80 Images to Insert This Color in Home Decor


Also known as Tiffany blue, the color turquoise is a shade that never goes out of style. As it is always present in interior design and decoration projects, we thought of this article to help you insert this shade of blue in your home decor.

Whether in the living room, bedroom, and kitchen or in the details that make up your home decor. Here you will see how the turquoise blue tones look great in any room in the house.

Turquoise blue is a tertiary color that varies between cyanide and green. The origin of the word turquoise comes from the French ‘turquoise’ which means coming from Turkey.

In holistic medicine, the turquoise blue color soothes, relieves stress and brings tranquility. The energetic benefits of this hue also have the power to renew energy, strength, and mood and stimulate creativity and communication. Tiffany blue is a perfect choice. Check out!

Image 1: Tiffany Blue is a tertiary color that varies between cyanide and green.


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Shades of turquoise blue in interior design projects

In fact, Tiffany is a variation on turquoise, a color that references luxury. Turquoise blue is also called Tiffany blue due to a natural stone that has been used since ancient times in the production of luxury items such as jewelry, for example.

The shades of turquoise blue can be inserted into the environment in a sofa covering, armchairs and even in paint colors. On one of the walls of any room in the house will leave your space beautiful and super modern.

Image 2: Turquoise blue tone palette in different shades.

different shades of turquoise

Turquoise blue in the living room

From now on, you’ll check out ideas for decorating your living room with Tiffany blue. You can paint a wall, cover the sofa or armchair, color furniture, change pillow covers, and insert objects such as pictures or vases with this shade of color.

It is also perfect for decorating the living room of the country house or beach. A turquoise blue wall connects the environment with the colors of the sea and sky. Discover more combinations for your living room from now on!

Image 3: See how the Tiffany blue in the detail of this furniture combines the retro style with the modern.

turquoise furniture in the hall

Image 4: Or just at the door, it will add charm to your lobby.

turquoise entrance door

Image 5: A point of light and color at your entrance. This color can be used in the most diverse ways in decoration.

turquoise house door

Image 6: For the most exotic tastes, this turquoise wallpaper with flower details is unusual and super charming, isn’t it?

turquoise flower room

Image 7: This shade of blue on a single wall if used properly does not overwhelm the decor.

turquoise blue in small rooms

Image 8: This turquoise blue wall and pillows with a variation of this hue is a very simple way to invest in this color and decorate your room.

turquoise walls and pillows

Image 9: The combination of Tiffany blue on the wall, rug and pillow makes the environment cozy and full of life.

turquoise walls and carpet

Image 10: An excellent way to insert Tiffany blue in your room is to increase it in details and colors.

blue television panel

Image 11: Room in light turquoise blue shades combined with purple. It was charming and elegant.

turquoise and purple room

Image 12: It’s impossible not to mention turquoise without thinking about Tiffany, one of the most famous jewelry brands in the world.

classic turquoise room

Image 13: For those who don’t want a turquoise blue wall, you can use it in the furniture and decoration as in the details of these pillows, lampshades, pictures and even in the upholstery of the armchairs.

room with Tiffany blue accents on pillows, lampshade and armchairs

Image 14: Or in a single piece like this turquoise blue sofa that brings elegance and personality to the room.

blue two seat sofa

Image 15: On the other hand, these unique pieces of turquoise blue armchairs revitalize and make all the difference in the environment.

turquoise armchair

Image 16: Here the Tiffany blue connects the details and integrates the living and dining rooms.

blue counter with decorative objects

Image 17: This mirror in Tiffany blue is a great choice for the living room.

mirror with blue frame

Image 18: Just like this very luxurious egg armchair covered in velvet in this beautiful shade of turquoise.

egg armchair in living room

Image 19: Here, the details of this shade of blue are due to the pillows. It makes the environment super clean, doesn’t it?

pillows in mixed tone on the sofa

Image 20: More inspiration on how pillows can match your living room armchair very well. See how well it complements neutral color environments.

Tiffany blue details in the room

In the couple’s room

One of the inspiring master bedroom colors is turquoise. Whether in the children’s bedroom or in the single bedroom, this shade of blue can be present in specific elements such as bed covers, lampshades, rugs or pillows.

It is these details that will give a contemporary touch to your environment and leave you serene and charming for moments of relaxation, tranquility and relaxation. Check out!

Image 21: There are many colors that go with blue. As you can see in this image, there is no rule for creativity and good taste.

walls and furniture Tiffany blue details

Image 22: Here Tiffany blue appears mixed with neutral colors and makes all the difference in the environment.


Image 23: Rug, headboard and lamp combinations in turquoise. Luxury and sophistication that bring serenity to the environment.

tiffany blue combination for double room

Image 24: Tiffany blue bedding and curtains. It’s an excellent idea for neutral environments.

turquoise curtains and bedding

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Image 25: Tiffany blue appears in small doses and in lighter tones that make all the difference in the environment.

Tiffany blue on chair in bedroom

Image 26: On the other hand, the darker and more striking shade of turquoise is very well blended with several shades of the same color.

double bedroom in turquoise blue

Image 27: How about investing in pillows that match the rug and double armchair? All the other details of blue and white provided a lot of serenity to the environment, don’t you think?

double bedroom with double armchair and matching pillows

Image 28: In lighter tones of the turquoise blue tonality variation for those who like this color in punctual elements. It has something for everyone!

couple set neutral tones of blue

Image 29: Here the detail is on account of the wall that appears as an ideal complement in the decoration of this room.

bedroom wall in blue

Image 30: The classic chest at the foot of the bed transformed the modern decor from turquoise to a bold design. The rest of the complement with these pieces is ideal and makes up the furniture that matches the details of the master bedroom.

double bedroom in Tiffany blue

Turquoise blue in the children’s room

Picture 31: This children’s room in turquoise and orange resulted in a very modern style with this color combination.

children's room with furniture combined with orange color.

Image 32: Turquoise blue wall matches the joy of the children’s room.

room with blue wall and door

Image 33: Desk in turquoise blue. Beautiful and modern looks good in any environment.

desk in bedroom

Image 34: Even in the baby’s room.

baby room in

Image 35: You want to bring serenity and energetic power to the most diverse environments, you can bet on a wall in shades of turquoise or on furniture.

crib nursery

Image 36: And the children’s bed with turquoise detailing combines simplicity and charm, don’t you think?

children's bed with tiffany blue detailing

Image 37: Turquoise blue contrasting with pink.

children's room in blue and pink

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Image 38: Turquoise blue wallpaper creates a beautiful contrast to this clean environment.

turquoise blue wallpaper

Image 39: Details of the turquoise blue color combined with other shades of blue.

details children's room

Picture 40: This wall in the children’s room gives the environment tranquility, don’t you agree?

Tiffany blue wall children's bedroom

In the kitchen

Even in rustic kitchen style, the turquoise color will make it light and fun. In more sophisticated decorations such as L-shaped kitchens in homes or apartments with a more neutral proposal, you can mix it with other elements such as wood to soften the color.

Image 41: Check out from now on how the shades of dark turquoise blue is gaining more and more space in kitchen decor. Combined with other decorative objects, it brings life to this more neutral environment in the house.

kitchen with turquoise walls

Image 42: Tiles in the kitchen to create a beautiful turquoise wall.

kitchen tile

Image 43: Turquoise kitchen cabinet was a perfect option to incorporate this tone into the environment.

Kitchen cabinet

Image 44: Which could also be a Tiffany blue half wall.

half wall in kitchen

Image 45: In this kitchen, the turquoise blue background dominates the decoration of the space and looks great among all these elements.

Kitchen cabinets

Image 46: In this image, the shades of turquoise blue are due to specific elements such as those chairs and stools.

kitchen chairs and stools

Image 47: On the bench it also looks beautiful.

sink counter

Image 48: In these small details leaves the environment modern and discreet.

cabinet niche and stools

Image 49: Here the hue appears in the cabinets and it looks beautiful too.

kitchen cabinets

Image 50: In this rustic kitchen, the tonality makes a beautiful partnership with all the other objects that make up the room.

rustic kitchen with copper pots and wood stove

+ 30 images to inspire with turquoise decoration objects

Image 51: Realize how this turquoise blue sofa blends very well with all the other colors.

colorful living room with blue sofa

Image 52: The turquoise blue color transforms the environment and gives a modern and relaxed touch. Here the space gains a sense of coziness and identity.

blue cobogo

Image 53: This table path with dishes is an excellent choice to bring the delicacy of a classic touch.

table game to decorate the plates and glasses

Image 54: In the decoration, every detail of the house transforms the environment into something special and unique.

balcony furniture with colorful seats

Image 55: Anyway, you have a multitude of insights for blue to appear in your home in different environments such as the garden.

outdoor swing

Image 56: The washbasin sink in this shade of blue is an elegant and sophisticated combination.

toilet sink

Picture 57: This classic furniture will catch anyone’s attention. Beautiful isn’t it?

sofa and pillows in different shades of turquoise

Image 58: Already on the kitchen walls in a lighter and brighter tone makes the environment very pleasant.

kitchen walls and ceiling

Image 59: Even in small details.

vase with yellow roses

Image 60: How about betting on a turquoise blue armchair and bringing elegance to the environment, mixing with other neutral colors?

bedroom armchair

Image 61: See how Tiffany blue can be used in any decor piece.

lamp with tiffany blue crystals

Image 62: If you want to be bold in the decoration of the house, mix it with natural elements like wood, for example.

turquoise dining table

Image 63: Details in the decoration of the room in different neutral tones.

details in the turquoise decoration

Image 64: Combining with other striking color tones in small details such as pillows, lamps, flower vases, chairs and other similar objects.

arrangement of vases on the table

Image 65: These decorative glasses convey balance and lightness in any environment.

turquoise glasses

Image 66: Even in a single element.

turquoise blue watch

Image 67: You can even embed this color in window seats.

turquoise window seats

Image 68: The pieces of furniture made of natural fibers will transmit a feeling of freshness and lightness to your environment. Bet on turquoise blue paint and transform any room in your home.

rustic chairs on a wooden table

Image 69: The charm is on account of the carpet and the punctual elements.

turquoise carpet

Image 70: It looks beautiful mixing with bright colors like orange in the decoration.

turquoise blue with orange in the decor

Image 71: Or in a gradient of turquoise blues in the room.

turquoise blue gradient in the room

Image 72: How about including decorative elements like these pillows, frames, boxes and glass? Lovely this combination, isn’t it?

pillows and turquoise blue frame

Image 73: See how the colors in the details in the decoration of these objects stand out in the environment.

details in the decoration in blue

Image 74: You can match this shade of blue in your decor in a balanced and elegant way. Abuse it both in fashion and decoration.

turquoise tablecloth

Image 75: Tiffany blue is the color of the Mediterranean Sea and very easy to use it in decoration.

turquoise beanbags and pillows

Image 76: On the other hand, the rustic and antique wooden furniture will leave the atmosphere in harmony.

turquoise sideboard

Image 77: A color that resembles the ocean and conveys peace. This turquoise blue wall brings harmony to the space.

partition wall with door

Image 78: Whether in large or small details, your environment will be full of personality.

room with colorful walls and chairs

Image 79: The different shades of turquoise blue of the pillows and curtains gave all the charm to this room.

small apartment with walls and sofa in different shades of blue

Image 80: To conclude, let’s finish with this beautiful blue dinner set to let the whole family enchanted with its creativity and good taste. Very elegant, isn’t it?

dinner set with plates, glasses & glasses

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